Having worked with more than a hundred writers in various genres and fields, my experience is that every writer has something worth reading. It can be a scientific dissertation, a literary novel, a travel memoir, or a personal statement for grad school—whatever your writing project, you have a unique message to communicate to your audience. I will help facilitate that communication process with the level of involvement you need, from proofreading to developmental editing.

I am most familiar with Chicago, APA, and Turabian, and I can follow other styles on request.


Not sure which level of editing is appropriate for your project?

Please email me a sample (500-750 words). I will get back to you in 2 business days with my feedback, suggested editing service, and a non-binding quote.


Developmental Editing

Developmental editing addresses the big-picture issues, such as structure, organization, chronology, inconsistencies, strength and development of the thesis or argument, overall tone and style, and narrative pacing. In addition to detailed comments and feedback noted directly in the Word document of the manuscript, you will receive an editorial report that identifies areas requiring development and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.

Hourly rate

Line Editing (Substantive Editing)

Line editing is appropriate for refining language use and writing style of a manuscript to improve the effectiveness of the communication. While a line edit does not treat the manuscript with a fine-tooth comb for errors and consistency, it focuses on tightening the prose, eliminating redundant usage, improving clarity and transitions, pointing out ambiguities or confusing shifts in voices/perspectives, etc. A good line edit will enliven otherwise bland prose.

Rates start at $0.035 per word



Copyediting is performed on a manuscript that is generally in its final form. It ensures accuracy and consistency in language usage, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. There are two levels of copyediting: light editing addresses the indisputable errors; medium editing goes further to point out problematic writing (tone, redundancy, ambiguity, gaps in logic, poor organization), and includes light fact-checking.

Rates start at $0.02 per word


Proofreading is done on proof pages, after editing and layout design. I will check the page proofs for errors in design elements (e.g., placement of tables and figures, consistent formatting of headers) and any minor mistakes overlooked during editing. The distinction between proofreading and copyediting is not familiar to most people. This article provides a more thorough explanation for the differences between the two.

Rates start at $0.015 per word