I love all things beautiful:  music, paintings, personalities, elegant equations, and—of course—the written word. As a ravenous reader of good books, I have profound respect and appreciation for writers, who labor in solitude for many untold months or years to put ideas and stories to paper. It’s a privilege and a joy for me to participate in that process as an editor, applying my training in both the sciences and the humanities as I approach the written word with analytical scrutiny and literary intuition.

Born and raised in Taiwan, I moved to the United States at 14 with my family and have now spent the second half of my life in the suburbs of the nation’s capital. In college I initially studied physics, hoping to one day become a theoretical astrophysicist who would contribute to formulating the Grand Unified Theory. But about halfway into my undergraduate career, I realized I might be better suited for the humanities—I was getting much better grades on English papers than on linear algebra exams!

So I became a philosophy major and began a journey of constant reading, analyzing words, writing, rewriting, and editing. Besides producing papers on such arcane subjects as the metaphysics of time and the philosophy of cognitive science, I also interned at the writing center on campus, coaching other undergrads on the art of writing.

After college, I worked as a paralegal as I continued to volunteer my editing skills in my community. The legal environment honed my writing skills for the purpose of persuasive communication with precision and concision. In January 2014, I began pursuing a full-time career in freelance editing.

Since then, I have proofread or edited dozens of nonfiction and fiction books; 100+ doctoral dissertationsmaster’s theses, and scholarly articles in both sciences and humanities; and hundreds of academic papers and admission essays. I have also provided editorial support to corporate and nonprofit organizations.

When I am not editing, I can be found reading, playing the piano or the cello, exploring arts and culture in DC, or trying a new recipe in the kitchen. One of my (most difficult) ongoing projects is to teach my Norwegian-American husband to speak Chinese.


Master of Liberal Arts, Johns Hopkins University (expected 2018)

BA in Philosophy (Minor in Astronomy), University of Maryland

Professional Certificate in Editing, University of California, Berkeley Extension


Additional Editing & Writing Coursework

Issues in Developmental Editing (Editorial Freelancers Association)

Copyediting Fiction (Editcetera)

Creative Writing Specialization (Coursera, Wesleyan University)

  • The Craft of Plot
  • The Craft of Character
  • The Craft of Setting and Description

Favorite Novelists

Fyodor Dostoevsky, Thomas Hardy, Halldór Laxness


Professional Memberships