bespoke  adjective | be·spoke | \bi-ˈspōk, bē-\

  1. custom-made
  2. dealing in or producing custom-made articles

A bespoke outfit makes for a polished image and expresses your personality. In the same way, bespoke editing services can help refine your words, bring out your voice, and communicate your message. Whether you’re writing about an abstract idea or a lived experience, whether you simply need a fresh pair of eyes to catch misplaced commas or would like assistance with developing a cohesive and coherent argument, Bespoke Editorial, an award-winning editing service, will help you crystallize your ideas or bring your story to life.

Here at Bespoke Editorial, your words are edited, but never your voice.


Areas of Specialization

  • Academic: dissertations, theses, scholarly articles, monographs
  • Nonfiction: trade books, memoirs, biographies
  • Corporate/Nonprofit: reports, policy briefs, web content, white papers